When entering a New Task Schedule in freshOps, we can actually enter in multiple Tasks schedules at once. You should have already created a New Client, Site and Visit Schedule now we move onto create the Task Schedules for this site.

Today, we just going to focus on some simple task creation. It’s important here though to understand that we are create a Task Schedule, so these tasks will re-occur again and again based on the frequency you set here.  We can add specific Tasks to specific Visits, but this is done in on the specific visits page.

Start by entering the name of a task.  When we think about Task Names, we encourage you to start with generic tasks. So in the example we’ve used Rubbish Collection. Now you might call it Empty Bins, Empty Rubbish, this is specific to how you describe the task to your team.

The location can then be used to provide more specific areas on where the bins need to be emptied. So in the Reception or possibly All Areas, the aim is to instruct someone, who doesn’t know the site well, where they need to perform this task. So on a big site, you may want to create several Tasks related to Rubbish Collection and call out all the individual locations, so that bins aren’t missed in an area of the office, the cleaner may overlook.

For the time being we are going to ignore the Task Tags, Instructions and Task Videos and will go through them in a later Task Management Video in the future.

So let’s scroll on that screen and schedule the bins to be emptied every day, however, part of a specific Visit Schedule. Then we select the verification type we want to use. For more info on Task Verifications check out this article in our Help Centre.

Once we’ve selected the preferred Verification type we can then decide whether we’d like to be notified if that Task isn’t verified or completed and then simply Add the Task to Site. This then adds this to the pending Task List on the right handside.

If you are new to freshOps, we really encourage you to add maybe 3 or 4 tasks schedules, with a range of verification types so you can see how this works, especially if you are simply piloting freshOps in your business.

You then have 3 options:

Firstly selecting Discard, does just that………. It discards all the details you have entered and returns you back to the Dashboard.

Secondly selecting Create with the “Take Me To Allocate an Employee” option marked will create your Task Schedules and takes you to the next step in your setup which is creating your Employee and Allocating them to the site.

Or option three, Unmark the Take Me To Allocate an Employee option and just create the Task Schedules and return to the dashboard.

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