How to: Add a New Visit Schedule

Learn how to Add a new Visit Schedule

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When entering a New Visit Schedule in freshOps, we can actually add multiple visit schedules at once.


You should have already created a New Client and Site and now we move onto creating the Visit Schedule for this site.

NOTE: This is not employees' shifts. This is the creation of your service obligation to the client. They don’t care who does the work initially, they just want a Daily Cleaning Service, a Weekly Leaf Blow or a Monthly Ext Window Clean.

Start Date:

Start by selecting the Start Date. This can be today, or it could be in the future, if you are setting up a Contract or Client you have just one, you may not be commencing until the start of next month for example, but in this case we’ll select today.

End Date:

Then we choose an End Date, this could be the Contract End Date or simply 12, 24, or 36 months into the future, just choose some future date, we suggest 12mths.

Start Time:

We then need to enter the Start Time for each Visit. Enter in the perfect world start time. If you have a window of time the work can be completed in, the start time is the latest possible time the Visit can start, so it's completed by the end of the delivery window.

End Time:

Enter the end time which reflects what time the team should finish. If you have two or more staff, reduce the end time to reflect what time you expect those number of employees to finish.

So if it's a 6 hour clean, with 3 staff, the End Time will be 2 hours after the start time.

Visit Schedule Name:

Enter a Visit Schedule Name or Nickname.

We reference this name on any Alerts and Notifications so it’s good practice to include the Site Name and the Visit Description.

As in this case above, JVC Daily Clean.

Examples include:

  • ABC Enterprises Monday - Friday Evening Clean

  • Mrs Jones's Fortnightly Wednesday Bathroom Only Clean

  • Pastrano Mon, Wed, Fri Morning Clean

The more descriptive the better.

Schedule the Visits:

Now we need to schedule the visits based on how often we deliver the cleaning service, or any other service we provide.

Once we’ve done that we hit the Add Visit Button.

You’ll notice now, that the Visit Schedule appears on the right hand-side column.

It’s not created just yet.

We add it here, so that you can create the other Visit Schedules that you may deliver onsite.

As mentioned above, in this case, we’ve got a Daily Cleaning Service, a Weekly Leaf Blow and a Monthly Exterior Window Clean.

Now that you have added all the Visits Schedules.

You then have 3 options:

Firstly selecting Discard, does just that………. It discards all the details you have entered and returns you back to the Dashboard.

Secondly selecting Create with the “Take Me To Create Tasks” option marked will create your Visit Schedule/s and takes you to the next step in your setup and create your Task Schedule for the site.

Or option three, Unmark the Take Me to Create Tasks option and just create the site and return to the dashboard.

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