When entering a New Site in freshOps, we tend to think of the Site as the actual physical location in which you deliver the services. So this tends to be where we capture most of the Information to help your team in the field.

The *required fields here are Site Name, Address and the Timezone.  So if you don’t currently have any Induction Material or don’t have access tot he Security Details at this stage that’s ok, we can add them in later.

The Site Name, is a name or description we give to a site. I tend to think of it like this. When your team says that “Such and Such” needs more Toilet Paper, or can you call the contact at “Such and Such” then this should be how you name your site. In this case it’s the JVC Holdings Melbourne Office that we are referring to.

You do have an option to use the “Same as Client Address”. This may be the case, the you are only looking after a small business and the client operates out of only one address. So your Client and Site will one and the same.

All addresses are Google Powered, this is to ensure you are giving your team an address they can actually navigate to. As you type the Address, choose from the addresses Google provides.

If you have a Suite Number, Level Number etc, enter these into Address Line 2, as Google doesn’t always know what to do with these address items.

Select the Timezone in which the physical site resides.

Choose your Check-In Type. By default the freshOps Tags are set, but if you are in Trial and/or are Awaiting Delivery of Tags choose the “Simple” Check-In Type. For more on the Check-In Types visit our Help Centre.

With freshOps you can upload a PDF up to 10mb in size as a Induction Material for your team specific to this site. Our Users upload anything from their Clients Health & Safety Inductions, to the Scope of Works/Contract to their own PDF Docs they’ve created that include things like the scope of works, mud maps of the site, photos, after hours contact details etc.  Basically, any information that a team member may require if they get in trouble when out on a site by themselves.

Security Access Details Section provide a secure field to enter in Security Details about the site.

Both the Security Access Details and Site Inductions are only available to a team member who has been allocated to a Visit and checked in successfully.

You then 3 options:

Firstly selecting Discard, does just that………. It discards all the details you have entered and returns you back to the Dashboard.

Secondly selecting Create with the “Take Me To Create Visits” option marked will create your Site and takes you to the next step in your setup and create a New Visit Schedule for your client

Or option three, Unmark the Take Me to Create Visits option and just create the site and return to the dashboard.

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