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Multiple ways for your team to Check-In to a Site

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We started freshOps with the aim to provide the most accurate Time & Attendance Records, however, sometimes you need a little more flexibility.

So we've expanded our Check-In types to Simple, freshOps Tags and Verified GPS.

But what do these mean?

Check-In Type


This Check-In type means that we don't do any verification of location prior to allowing your team to Check-In. 

Quick & Simple, the team simply press the Check-In on the Mobile Apps, and it Checks them into site, regardless of where they are. We still however, record where that Check-In/Out occurred using a GPS Pin Drop.

It may also help, in instances where the Team Member does not have a device with suitable GPS Hardware or where you haven't been able to place a freshOps Tag.

freshOps Tag

This Check-In type is the backbone of freshOps. The team check-in by Tapping or Scanning the freshOps Tags. Use either NFC or QR Technology, this method places the Team member exactly where the tag is located at the front of a premises, and includes secondary Photo & GPS Pin Drops to further Verify where the Check-In is taking place.

The ideal solution for Multi Tenancy Locations, Multi Level Locations, Larger Facilities with Multiple Buildings or Inner City locations where GPS bounces around.

Verified GPS Location

This Check-In type is perfect for those One Off/Adhoc Jobs that you either don't return to often, or don't get the opportunity to place a freshOps tag at. 

freshOps checks the users GPS Location against the address in freshOps prior to letting them check-in with Verified GPS.

This solution is most suitable for users with High-End Devices. Low End Devices have varying GPS Hardware installed and can take up to 2min to find the correct GPS location.

If you staff have low end Android Devices, we suggest using Simple Check-In instead.

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