How to: Add a New Client

Learn how to Add your first New Client into freshOps

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When entering a New Client in freshOps, we tend to think of the Client as the Company or Client who pays the bill. Let’s use the example of a Body Corporate. Often the Services required on a site are arranged by a Real Estate or Body Corporate Management Company, but you may deliver the Service to a Group of Apartments or a Unit Complex. In this case, the Client is the Body Corporate Company, (E.g. JVC Holdings).

The *required fields here are Client/Company Name, Client Email and Address

Client Name:

The Client name refers generally to the company or person who pays the bill.

  • For a commercial client, the Client will be the head office.

  • For a domestic/residential client, the Client would be the Home Owner/Property Owner

  • For rental, AirBnb, holiday lets, strata clients, the Client may be the Property Management Company

Client Address:

While you type your Clients Address you’ll notice freshOps searches Google Maps to provide the exact address.

All addresses are Google Powered, this is to ensure you are giving your team an address they can actually navigate to. As you type the Address, choose from the addresses Google provides.

It is not required to choose a Google Listed Address here. However, when you create your Site, the addresses have to be found by Google in order to provide certain features to the team on the freshOps Team App.

Address Line 2:

If you have a Suite Number, Level Number etc, enter these into Address Line 2, as Google doesn’t always know what to do with these address items if you place them in address line 1.

Once you are all done entering all the Client Details in, you have a few of options;

Firstly selecting Discard, does just that………. It discards all the details you have entered and returns you back to the Dashboard.

Secondly selecting Create with the “Take Me To Create Visits” option marked will create your Client and take you to the next step in your setup and create a New Visit Schedule for your client

Or option three, Unmark the Take Me to Create Visits option and just create the client and return to the dashboard.

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