We all have too many passwords and pins to remember, but the one thing that we remember most is the PIN or Pattern to unlock our phones.

So rather than add another PIN to your memory, we utilise your device's inbuilt Biometrics & Security measures to provide you access to the secure freshOps info.

To unlock the freshOps app, Security Details & Site Induction Documents, you need to verify your identity. By default, you will be required to enter in your Unique PIN you created when you first logged into the app.

However, to save you having to remember another PIN, we also allow you to use the same Security Credentials or Biometrics, you use to unlock your phone.

So, if you have a Phone Unlock PIN, the app will prompt you to use that same PIN to unlock secure details.

if you have a Pattern Unlock PIN, the app will prompt you to use that same Pattern to unlock secure details.

If you have a Fingerprint Unlock, the app will prompt you to use your Fingerprint to unlock secure details.

And, if you use Face Unlock/Facial Recognition, the app will unlock secure details, once your phone confirms it's definitely you via your phone facial recognition.

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