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Add a New Task

Adding a Task to a Visit Schedule

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Step 1: From the Homepage Click New Task.

Step 2: Search for the Site that the New Task is for

Step 3: Enter the Task Name you want to create


Step 4: Then add the Location in which the task is to be completed. If you need to disinfect the microwave in the upstairs staff kitchen. The Task is to Disinfect the Microwave, the Location is the Upstairs Staff Kitchen.

Step 5:
Create a Task Tag if you may need to use a task like this again. Adding a Task Tag such as "Kitchens", means that next time you're setting up a site, you can select from existing tasks tagged with the "Kitchens" Tag.


Step 6: Upload or Link to your Standard Operating Procedure for this particular task

Step 7:
Copy a link to a You Tube Video, because while a picture tells a 1000 words, video tells 10 x that.  freshOps encourages you to turn your SOP's into Videos, which are more powerful and effective in delivering the requirements of a task. If you don't have any videos, that's okay, there are plenty of Videos online now that you can use as your own.


If you want to add multiple tasks that all have the same frequency such as weekly Tasks and they all require the same verification type, you can add multiples here by hitting "ADD EXTRA TASK"



Step 8: Select the required task frequency. (See below for further tips on Task Frequency)

Step 9:
Select the required Verification Type

Listed Tasks do not require any verification, and are just a Task listed for information purposes and may form part of your basic Scope of Works on site.

Marked Tasks require your team to mark the task complete on the freshOps App. Great for those periodical tasks that need simple verification and to help remind the team when they are due.

Photo Verified Tasks require your team to take a photo of an area or a particular item after cleaning before being able to mark them complete. Particularly useful for tasks specifically requested by customers or tasks that your client may not believe are being completed.

Tag Verified Tasks require your team to scan a freshOps Tag to prove completion. Perfect, when used like waypoints. Track your team when they move throughout larger facilities, or ensure that an infrequently used area is always checked.

Step 10: Choose whether you'd like to be notified if the Task is not completed


Step 11: Click Add to Site to add these specific Tasks to the Task List and then repeat the previous steps for other Task with different frequency and verification types

Once you've added them to the Site, they appear in the CURRENT SITE TASKS list, where you can reorder them, delete them if they are incorrect. However, if you're happy with the task list, hit CREATE, which will create the task List for the specific site.



Once you are all done entering all the Task Details in, you have a few of options;

Option 1: Discard, does just that………. It discards all the details you have entered and returns you back to the Dashboard.

Option 2: Create with the “Take Me To allocate an employee” option marked will create your Task List and take you to the Employee Allocation screen.

Option 3:  Unmark the "Take Me To allocate an employee "option and just create the tasks and return to the dashboard.

Task Frequency Explained

Task Frequency is really important to think about, not only the frequency in the field, but how you handle frequency in freshOps. While in general it's pretty straight forward, it's important to highlight the difference in allocating a Task to a specific"Day of the Week" or to a specific "Visit Schedule".

Daily & Weekday Visits

If your Site is serviced daily (7 days per week) or every weekday (Monday - Friday)  scheduling tasks to specific days of the week is a no brainer. If it needs doing on a Monday, specify so.

Infrequent Visits

Infrequent visits, such as twice weekly, 3 times a week, weekly, fortnightly etc can cause issues especially if your client calls and requests that the DAY in which the service is required needs to change.

For Example:

If ABC Engineering is serviced Monday, Wednesday & Friday, it may be obvious to schedule some tasks to be done on say Wednesday and others on Friday. However, you would be specifying a Day of the Week. Which means if the client decides now, that they want a Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Morning Clean, and you simply EDIT the existing schedules to occur on these new days, freshOps is still going to schedule the tasks on the days of the week you previously specified.

The Solution

When a site is serviced infrequently (twice weekly, 3 times a week, weekly, fortnightly etc), schedule the tasks to the specific Visit Schedules.  In the case below, schedule the "High Dusting" to the Pastrano Friday Clean. This means the freshOps specifically links that task, with a specific schedule, rather than a specific day. So when the Visit Schedules change days, the tasks move with them.

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