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When adding a New Task, you add a Task "Tag". Similar to say on social media sites, how we add a #Hashtag. That's aims at grouping all social post with the same hashtag.

Tagging Tasks means you can group Task together, so that you can brig them into a site in bulk.

NOTE: Task Tags must have no spaces or special characters. If you need to create Task Tags from multiple words, then remove spaces or use an underscore to separate words.

Example: Standard_Bathroom_Clean OR StandardBathroomClean

Examples may include:

Task Name : Clean Toilet  Task Tag : Bathrooms

Clean Sinks - Bathrooms
Clean Partition of Stalls - Bathrooms
Replace Toilet Paper - Bathrooms
Fill Soap - Bathrooms
Damp Mop Tiled Floors - Bathrooms

You then have the option to select specific Tasks or Add All. If you only want say 3 of the 5, Add All, then remove the ones you don't want when they are added to the task List.

Note: When adding groups of Tasks like this, they will all potentially be added with the Same Frequency and/or Verifications Type. So if these are different, you'll have to do this in multiple steps.

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