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Security Access Details
Security Access Details

Security Access Details to deliver regularly accessed entry details to your team

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You can add Security Access Details to a site so that your team has quick access to that more regularly accessed information that gets them from the outside into the premises and facility ready to start their first Tasks.

You can add Security Access Details while Adding a New Site, however, it is optional at that stage, so if you are wanting to add Security Access Details to an existing site read on.

What are Security Access Details?

Details such as what is the Alarm Code or Door Code, does the door have 1 lock or 2, what is the procedure for disarming the Alarm System, where are the lights located etc.

Adding Security Access Details

  1. Type in the information you want you team to see

  2. Once completed, scroll up the page and press SAVE

Now your team will be able to Unlock the Security Access Details by opening their Shift and pressing Unlock as long as they are within 2000m of the Site address. We limited access like this to maintain security about secure information that we don't think should be accessed when not at site.

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