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Site Inductions to keep your team in the know and safe.

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You can add a Site Induction Document to a site so that your team has access to important information about the site while they are at the site.

You can upload Site Induction while Adding a New Site, however, it is optional at that stage, so if you are wanting to add a Site Induction to an existing site read on.

What is a Site Induction?

Induction Material:

With freshOps you can upload a PDF up to 10Mb in size as an Induction Document for your team specific to this site.

Our users upload anything from their Clients Health & Safety Inductions to the Scope of Works/Contract to their own PDF Docs.

They’ve created Induction Materials that include things like the Scope of Works, Mud Maps of the site, Photos, After-hours Contact Details, Chemical Safety Data Sheets, Safe Work Method Statements, etc.

Basically, any information that a team member may require if they get in trouble when out on a site by themselves.

PDF Candy:

If this info is spread across multiple documents, convert them all to PDF, then combine with tools such as

We try to keep it simple for the team in the field, so it's just one document that tells them everything they need to know about the site.

Uploading a Site Induction PDF to freshOps

  1. Navigate to an Existing Site

  2. Scroll down to below the location details in the left hand column of the Site Page.

3. Then press the Upload Icon and select the PDF Document you want to upload.

4. Scroll up the page and Hit SAVE.

Now your team will be able to Unlock the Site Induction by opening their Shift and pressing Unlock as long as they are within 2000m of the Site address. We limited access like this to maintain security about secure information that we don't think should be accessed when not at site.

Linking to a Site Induction PDF

While the Site Induction Document still needs to be in PDF Format, you can link to a document stored in your own Document Storage Cloud Solution.

IMPORTANT: Ensure Document share and view settings are set to Anyone With The LInk or similar so that the freshOps Team App can view and therefore display the PDF to your team.

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