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How to Upgrade to Xero Payroll Integration
How to Upgrade to Xero Payroll Integration

How to access the Xero Integration from a Freemium or Accelerator Plan

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The freshOps Xero Integration was one of the most hotly anticipated feature of freshOps. I'm glad that it has been everything we promised and been received very well by our users.

If you'd like to access the Xero Integration, it does require an Upgrade for Freemium and Accelerator users.

You can do so by simply clicking the Payroll Menu within your freshOps Accounts

You'll find yourself then at the Xero Integration Screen

Click the UPDATE YOUR PLAN and then Select the Upgraded Plan and Click Update below.

Once you've done, so you'll have instant access to the Xero Integration.

We suggest to assist your with the setup of Xero that you schedule a some support.

We suggest that users join our team online for a Xero Setup Review and then again for a Xero Setup Session

You can book these session here.

Xero Setup Review

A Zoom Session to go over your existing Xero Account to primarily look at how your Pay Items are setup and activate Site Tracking.

Xero Setup Session

A zoom Session to go through basic setup and create some of your pay rules.

For more about the Xero Integration please see the Xero Section of our Help Centre

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