Setting up Xero Site Tracking

How to connect freshOps Sites with Xero Tracking Options

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The third step in integrating Xero into freshOps. This is where you pair freshOps Sites with Xero Tracking Categories, So that when you import the Timesheet from freshOps into Xero, the Timesheets are populated automatically with the appropriate Site tracking option. To learn more visit Payroll Tracking in Xero and Setup Tracking Categories.

freshOps Sites 

This column displays all of your active freshOps Sites, from here you can select sites to pair with tracking options and you can also choose to export freshOps sites into Xero as a tracking option.

Creating a new Site 

If you don't have any sites, you can create a new one right here in the guide by clicking the blue "Create Site" button, this will open a modal that will allow you to create a site to use.

Exporting a Site 

If want to export one of your freshOps sites as a New Xero Tracking Category, first you have to ensure you have selected a default tracking group, if you have not please see the steps below to on how to do that, if you have, all you have to do is select a freshOps site that you want to export and then click the blue export button. 

This will bring up a modal with the site name pre-populated, you can change this if you like otherwise just click the export button at the bottom of the modal and the site will be exported to Xero.

Xero Tracking Options 

This column displays all of your available Xero tracking groups and their options. From here you can select a default Tracking Group, setup your Payroll Tracking and export Tracking Options to freshOps as a Site. 

Selecting a Default Tracking Group

Before you start pairing freshOps site and Xero tracking options together you must first select a default tracking group.

Fallback Tracking

To ensure Timesheets for sites that are unpaired, still get exported into Xero, we need to choose a default Xero Tracking Option.

Our suggestion is to create a Tracking Option called "freshOps Fallback" or "One-Off Works".

Setting up Payroll Tracking

For your tracking options are used in Xero's payroll you have to ensure that you have set your Timesheet categories setting to be the default tracking group that you have set in the guide. To do this follow these steps: 

Step 1: Click on the setup payroll tracking

Step 2: You will now be in your Xero Organisation settings, now look for the Payroll Tracking heading, under this there is a setting called "Timesheet Categories", now select the option that is the default group you used in freshOps. 

Importing a Tracking Option 

If you want to import a Tracking Option as a freshOps site, first select a Tracking Option by clicking on its card and then click on the green import button.

This will bring up the site creation modal with some of it's fields pre-filled for you. Once you have filled in the required fields you can create the site. 

Pairing/Unpairing Connections

The connections between freshOps sites and Xero's tracking options allow you to see where you are employees are spending their time in their timesheets. 


To pair a Site and a Tracking Option you must select which pair you want to connect, do this by clicking on a Site card and then clicking on a Tracking Option card finally click the pair button to create the connection between the Site and Tracking Option.


To unpair a Site and Tracking option first select the connection in the connections column and then click the "Unpair" button. This will unpair the site and tracking option making them available for use again.

Auto Pair 

If your Sites and Tracking Options share identical or similar names you can try to auto pair them to automatically create the connections. If you opt to use this please ensure that the connections are correct before exporting your timesheets as it may result in errors in the timesheets.

Next Steps

Once you are done setting up connections we recommend double checking that your connections are correct. Wrong connections might cause timesheets to contain incorrect data when exporting to Xero. Once you are happy with the connections you can continue to move along to the next step in the Payroll guide, which is setting up Payrules. 

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