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Manually complete a shift that is Late or In-Progress
Manually complete a shift that is Late or In-Progress

How to complete shifts manually within the freshOps Web App

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No one is perfect, so sometimes your team may forget to Check-In to freshOps or they Check-in but forget to Checkout. So you have to manually complete these shifts, so they don't remain late or in-progress.

So you can see the Visits in a number of places;

Firstly: Todays' Visits on the Dashboard

Clicking on the Visits will open the Visit Detail

then simply complete the shift.

Late Shifts Card on the Dashboard

Click View Late Shifts and then Click the Complete Button.

Thirdly: On the Calendar 

Run a Late and/or In-Progress Filter, Click on the Visit which opens the Visit Slider from the right and click the Complete Shift icon for the Team Member.

It's important to manually complete particularly In-Progress Visits if you know the Team Member is no longer onsite. As they'll not be able to Check-In or Out of their next job until the Visit is completed.

Alternatively, the team member can be instructed to Force a Checkout from their Mobile device also, if they've left site and forgotten to checkout.

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