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How does GPS tracking and location validation work?
How does GPS tracking and location validation work?

Specifications of GeoFences and Location Collection

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  • GPS tracking only applies if the freshOps team App User/Team Member checks in & out on the app.

  • GPS Pins are accurate to +/- 100 meters.

  • freshOps Tags include a Geofence of 5000m

  • Verified GPS includes a Geofence of 2000m

  • Security Access Details and Site Inductions can be viewed within a 2000m Geofence

  • It can take up to 2 minutes to receive and display a GPS point. Which is a Device Level restriction. If you are getting an error message related to your location, you can find troubleshooting articles here.

  • Various environmental factors can prevent the GPS satellites from acquiring a GPS point. It may take time to acquire the GPS point for up two minutes (Android) or 15 seconds (iPhone)

  • If you find you are having no luck inside a building, move outside to a point where you have visible line sight to the sky. Concrete and Building materials in structures can interfere with GPS signals, WIFI, and Mobile Networks, all of which are used for accurate location services.

  • After recorded, GPS points cannot be changed by Team Members, their managers, or account administrators. However, keep in mind that points are recorded based on a mobile device's known location, which technically could be different than the locations of the team member themself.

  • Admins and Managers will only be able to view GPS points when the device syncs with the freshOps WebApp. In order to sync, the device must be connected to a data network. See Managing Permissions to check your device settings.

  • If you are still having issues, our Mobile App Troubleshooting Guide may help eliminate local issues on your device.

When and Where GPS Points Are Acquired

  • freshOps only tracks locations when an employee is Checking In or Checking Out. GPS Location is not tracked while the Visit in In-Progress, Checked-Out, or Signed Out. If you have any further questions about GPS tracking, please direct them to

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