So you've Signed up for a trial, but not sure what to do next. While some users are completely confident and competent with getting started with a trial, for others it's not so obvious how freshOps can help your business.

In this case, we really encourage you to email us at and request a demo.

Our founders love nothing more than doing demo and quite often will jump on Demo Sessions with our team to meet you and even run the demo's themselves.

Why is this such a valuable thing to do? From your point of view you get to ask questions and tell us how your business is setup, what your current problems are, what you are hoping to avoid in the future etc.

What we do with that Information is hopefully deliver a solution with our current offering. However, we consider ourselves an extremely agile business and love to build or solve our User issues and needs.

So please do book a demo or alternatively checkout our Getting Around Help Centre Article.

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