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Adding a New Employee for Xero Payroll
Adding a New Employee for Xero Payroll
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When you start a New Employee within freshOps, we also need to set them up in the Payroll Xero Integration as well.

Once you've added the New Employee into freshOps head over to Payroll and set them up for Payroll.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the Employment Status is set to "Employee" either in the Employee File while Creating a New Employee or Assign Employment Status within the Employee List Page.

Only Cleaners with an 'Employee' Employment Status will appear in Xero Payroll for exporting Timesheets into Xero.

Sub-contractors can still record their Time and Attendance records within freshOps, but we don't send 'Contractors' Time & Attendance Records into Xero.

Step 1: Pair/Connect with Xero

Once you have added an employee in freshOps and selected the Employment Status as "Employee" the will appear in Payroll>Team Members>freshOps Employees

From here we have two options:

IF NOT set up in Xero already

If your employee is yet to be added to Xero, you can export them into Xero from freshOps.

While freshOps does not require address details to set up a New Employee, Xero requires the following fields to be completed when exported into Xero;

  • Date of Birth

  • Address

  • Email

IF already set up in Xero

If the employee has already been set up in Xero, they will appear in column two, your list of Xero Employees that have not been paired.
You'll need to pair the freshOps Employee record with their Xero Employee record.

Step 2: Add Employee to correct Payrule Group

Your employee needs to be placed in the correct Payrule Group so that the Payrules Engine knows which Payrules to apply to that employee when exporting the Timesheets into Xero.

Navigate to Payroll>Payrules>Organise Employees within Groups

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