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How to populate your data into our CSV Files for uploading into freshOps

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The freshOps Done For You Service allows you to populate your data into 4 CSV files that the freshOps Team can upload to your freshOps Account.

These CSV Files are the:

  • Client CSV

  • Site CSV

  • Employee CSV

  • Task Template CSV

This service is often part of a SignUp Offer that you will have received on a freshOps Scale & Grow Demonstration. However, you can purchase this service at any time. Details about these services can be found here on the freshOps Info pack with Implementation Options.

CSV Files

A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is a plain text file that stores data by delimiting data entries with commas. CSV files are often used when data needs to be compatible with many different programs. CSVs can be opened in text editors, spreadsheet programs like Excel, Google Sheets or other specialized applications.

To Get Started

Once you have downloaded the CSV File Templates, rename them as described in the below video to ensure when you send them to us, they files aren't confused with other user files.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you rename the Files clearly

Edited Files and Entering your Data

IMPORTANT: DO NOT add additional columns, rename columns or style columns, rows or cells. If you plan to use these documents for other purposes, make additional copies and amend those.

Task Templates and Task Tags DEEP DIVE

To dive deeper into Tasj Tags and the Task CSV, please check out this video.

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