To enable NFC on your device, you access it through;


The below is described on a device running Android 8.0 and above. However, for device running older version of the Android OS, NFC is still found in the Connection Settings.

Provided below are multiple ways to Enable/Disable the NFC Hardware.

Once enabled, you can simply Check-In & Out by tapping the back of your device against the freshOps Tag similar to below. 

If you get this prompt :

Check In/Out via NFC

To check-in and out place your phone over the
tag at the specified site

You then place the back of your phone against the Tag similar to below.

If this method fails to Check you into a site, trying turning your NFC Hardware On & Off again. This can reload it in the same manner as turning WIFI on and off again helps when we have a bad wifi connection.

Turn your NFC Hardware and you can fall back to a QR Check-In.

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