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Tag Allocation Error
Tag Allocation Error

I can't assign the tag and keep getting an error

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If for some reason you get the error below, while trying to assign a tag, it means that the Tag that you are trying to use has already been allocated to an existing site within your account.


Step 1: Click Discard

Step 2: Simply type 2518 into the search bar, and freshOps Search will surface the site the Tag is allocated to.

Step 3: Navigate to that Site, and Remove the tag by clicking the little X icon next to the tag Number.

Step 4: Once you click the X, you'll get the following message.

Step 5: You'll then see a success message.

Step 6: Navigate back to the original site and allocate the tag as required.


NOTE: While we do out very best to always send out clean tags, if you get the following message instead, please contact and provide us with the Tag ID and we'll wipe the tag clean for you.

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