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Fortnightly Scheduling and Rostering
Fortnightly Scheduling and Rostering

How to setup Fortnightly Visit Schedules and/or Rosters

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Fortnightly Visit Schedules

Fortnightly Visit Schedules are created by using the Every 2 Weeks schedule

Fortnightly Rostering

Sometimes, we have a weekly service, but need to rotate staff rostering on a fortnightly basis. Cleaner 1 does one week and Cleaner 2 does the other.

To do this, we use the Visit Schedules to manage this.

Create one visit schedule that commences on the start date.

Then create a 2nd Visit Schedule that commences a week later.

that then creates two Visit Schedules

Then we allocate 1 cleaner to Visit Schedule 1 and the other to Visit Schedule 2.

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