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Identifying & Reporting Issues to our Support Team for the freshOps Team App
Identifying & Reporting Issues to our Support Team for the freshOps Team App

To ensure we can support you and your team with the freshOps App

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We've all experienced our team say something isn't working. When that happens though, we need to establish "What" isn't working followed by "What steps did you take" etc. Regarding mobile apps, we may also need to check device settings and much more to establish at what level of the services infrastructure the issue lies.

To make sure you get the best possible support from our team, please make sure you've gone through the following troubleshooting with your Users (Cleaners) specifically around the device settings and environmental factors that may be affecting their ability to use the apps first.

Issues Checking In

Generally, we see users reporting issues Checking In, as this is one of the major features of the freshOps Team Apps. So ask these questions.

Question 1:

Is this the first time this has occurred? Does it happen all the time or just now and again?

Question 2:

Are you running the latest version of the freshOps Team Application?

Follow Up:

  1. Ask the User to visit their App Store and ensure that there is no Update Version awaiting installation.

    1. Android Phones: For your own information, visit the freshOps Play Store Listing and click About to see the latest version number in the store.

    2. Apple Phones: For your own information, visit the freshOps App Store Listing and scroll to What's New to see the latest version number in store.

Question 3:

Is your OS (Operating System) up to date?

Follow Up:

  1. Ask the User to please check that their Mobile Device is updated to the latest Operating System Version. As Software Updates are located differently on all devices, they may need to Google - How to update the OS on a [Insert PhoneType and Model]

Question 4:

What happens after you attempt to Check-In?

Do you get an Error Message?

Or does nothing happen?

Response: I get an error message.

Follow Up:

  1. Ask the User to take a photo of the Error Message or tell you word for word what the message says. This Error Message can then be used to advise the freshOps Support team or help you quickly identify the issue. Learn More about the NFC Error Messages here.

Response: Nothing happens

Follow Up:

  1. Ask the User to check their App Permissions. When the apps are installed, the apps do request specific permissions to use the hardware on the device, such as GPS, Camera, Location etc. All permissions MUST be enabled. We only ask for the essential permissions for our app to function. Learn More about how to Manage Permissions.

Question 5:

Did you have Mobile Data Credit and a Connection at the time?

Follow Up:

  1. Please ensure you have credit and check next time that when you are trying that you clearly have a Mobile Network Connection on your device.

Suggested Troubleshooting Guide to send to your User.

Reporting Issues

When reporting issues, it's really important that our support team have specific information and not general commentary. The below information is really important, to ensure your issue moves through our Customer Support to Resolution as quickly as possible.

Try to report issues one at a time.

Have you ever had 5 people asking your questions at once? Yep, it's a nightmare and it's difficult for you to respond and answer all questions fully and logically.

With that in mind;

  1. Report separate issues on separate Emails or Support Conversations

  2. If on Email, Subject: freshOps ID of User - Issue Type - Date

  3. In the Support Request list the following information depending on the type of issue;

    1. Users Name

    2. What is happening?

    3. What do you expect to happen?

    4. Confirmation that you have Troubleshot the above and that all is OK.

    5. Site Name, Visit Schedule Name and Visit ID IF it's specific to their Shifts.

    6. Dates/Day that is affected by the issue.


Subject: (If by Email) Martin Callan - freshOps ID: 12345 - Can't Check-In - 24th Jan 2023

Hi Customer Support,

I have Martin Callan freshOps ID: 12345 who can't Check-In to Site Name: JVC Enterprises Site ID: 1567. He can Check-In to other sites, but not this one. His freshOps App and OS are both up to date, however, he is getting an error message that says:

"A freshOps Tag has been detected, but it isn't the Tag allocated to this specific site."

Please help?


Jenny Jones from ABC Cleaning

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