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Methods for Checking In using freshOps Tags
Methods for Checking In using freshOps Tags

Different devices have different hardware, so we have multiple checkin methods to suit most popular devices when using freshOps Tags.

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freshOps has 2 methods for Checking In with a freshOps Tag;

However, check-in methods are device dependant.

The variables are:

  • iOS/Apple Devices

  • Android Devices

  • Older/Entry Level Android Devices

iPhone 7 Onwards

iOS Devices from the iPhone 7 onwards support NFC Check-Ins.

iPhone 6 Backwards

iOS Devices iPhone 7 and earlier do not support NFC and the mobile apps will prompt you to SCAN the QR Code

Android Devices

Android Devices vary greatly between not only buy manufacturers but low-end and premium models which means the included hardware also varies.

Most manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC to name a few, have entry-level devices under $200 all the way up to devices exceeding $1000.  Hence the varying hardware.

With that in mind, MOST Mid-Range to Premium Devices manufactured within the last 4 years will have NFC Technology built, which means those Employees with these devices can Checkin by placing the back of their device against the freshOps Tag and rely on NFC to communicate with the tag and Check them in.

Older/Entry Level Android Devices generally will not have NFC Hardware.

However, the freshOps Team App for Android can detect not only if NFC Hardware is available, but whether it is turned On.

If NFC Hardware is not present the freshOps Team App will prompt the Employee to SCAN the QR Code using the device's camera.

If you are an Android User and unsure if NFC hardware is available on your device, visit here.

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