To approve a Shift navigate to the Shift Approvals page from the Dashboard

Step 1: Check the Actual Times against the Scheduled Times. You'll see the RUN TIME highlights the Time Onsite either RED or GREEN

  • RED - Employee has gone either Over the Scheduled Time OR 25% Under the Scheduled Times

  • GREEN - Performed within 25% Under - Expected Times

All sorts of things can happen in the field that may require you to Edit a Shift prior to Approval or which may require you to View the Shift Details.

When on the Approvals Page, you have 3 Options.

Step 2: If Shift is fine and you just want to proceed and Approve it Click the Approve Button

Warning! Approved Shifts can NOT be edited or amended in any way

Approved Shifts will look like the below image with a VIEW ONLY action button available. Once you navigate away from the Approvals page, they will disappear from this list.

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