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How to verify that your team actually complete the task in the field

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The freshOps Task Verification feature is an upgrade to the task management tools in freshOps. Task Verification ensures you can guarantee to your clients that your team completed specific tasks or had been into to certain area of the premises like a waypoint.  You now have 4 different options to verify that a task has been completed.

When creating a NEW task, select from the dropdown when Adding a Task to Site.

Listed Tasks do not require any verification, and are just a Task listed for information purposes and may form part of your basic Scope of Works on site.

Marked Tasks require your team to mark the task complete on the freshOps App. Great for those periodical tasks that need simple verification and to help remind the team when they are due.

Photo Verified Tasks require your team to take a photo of an area or a particular item after cleaning before being able to mark them complete. Particularly useful for tasks specifically requested by customers or tasks that your client may not believe are being completed.

Tag Verified Tasks require your team to scan a freshOps Tag to prove completion. Perfect, when used like waypoints. Track your team when they move throughout larger facilities, or ensure that an infrequently used area is always checked.


Not only does freshOps provide the data to backup task verification in the way of a photo or the tag ID, but you'll be able to see exactly what time the task was marked complete.


If you required Task Verification, you can even view the image to ensure the task is done satisfactorily.

If you want to change an existing tasks Verification Type, you can do this from the Task Schedules.

Click the EDIT Icon next to a specific Task


Select desired Verification Type

Select whether you want to Activate an Incomplete Notification then Hit SAVE. When activated in conjunction with Incomplete Task Alerts this will alert a Supervisor or the Administrator if the Team Member leaves site with out completing this Task.

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