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Daylight Savings

Keeping your account Up to date with Daylight Savings

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freshOps automatically updates for things like Daylight Savings.

Your Account has a Timezone Setting. This is accessed through your View Profile/Account Menu

This should be set to the Timezone of the main Account Holder

The Individual Sites themselves also have Timezone Settings. For site that maybe outside your existing Timezone.

To ensure your Times update along with Daylight Savings Changes etc, it's important that the Timezone on your Device is correct. Not just the Time, but the actual Timezone your Device is set to.

The freshOps App knows to display times for different locations, based on your Devices Timezone.

Device Timezones

PLEASE NOTE: If you are in an area without Daylight Savings and see a change in times as Daylight Savings in other States or Countries changes, please check your Devices Timezone before reaching out to our Support Team

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