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What is the Beta Mode - freshOps WebApp
What is the Beta Mode - freshOps WebApp

Details about what the Beta Mode is and how to use it

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Over the last 12 - 18 months we've been working on rebuilding the front end of freshOps in a New Programming Framework. This new language will allow us to deliver better performance, develop features, and improve faster.

We've added the ability for you to Opt-In to using pages built in this new framework and called it eh freshOps Beta. It is not required that you use the Beta, but by doing so you'll give us a huge amount of feedback.

Our team of course have been doing lots of testing, however, it is always beneficial having Clients and Users also test at scale to ensure the improvements we have made are consistent and reliable before pushing them into complete production.

You can Join the Beta by clicking on the "Join Beta" Button beneath the menu

If you want to leave the Beta Version, click Beta to Opt-Out. You can rejoin at any time.

Not all the pages in the Beta are NEW, but we will begin rolling out new pages into the Beta every week until we've rolled out all new pages. The only thing you will notice is the URL will change when opening a new page to . This will indicate for you that you are on a page built in the new framework.

While you may not see a massive change in User Experience, this New Front End Framework along with the Mobile App Update we launched in 2021 will allow us to make rapid changes, more improvements and new features at a more regular pace so we can further support you in streamlining your service delivery.

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