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Adding Videos to Task to explain how to do a specific task with Video

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Task Videos are a feature of freshOps to allow you to link to either your own or others You-Tube Videos that show your team how to perform a task.

Many Cleaning Tasks are self-explanatory. However, Periodicals and Site-Specific Tasks may need further Instruction or Details around how to complete that task.

Step 1: Add the Task name, location, Tag and SOP.

Step 2: Then go to You-Tube and copy the Video URL from the Browser Bar or scroll below the video and select the share icon and then copy the Video Link.

For details about ensuring the privacy of your own videos uploaded to You-Tube see this permission article and set your video permissions to UNLISTED. This means that only users with the link to the video can view the video, essentially private with the freshOps app for your team.


Step 3: With the link copied to your Clipboard, simple Paste the link into the freshOps Video field



Step 4: Once you've pasted the URL, continue with set-up of the task as per the Add New Task article.

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