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Task Instructions or Standard Operating Procedure PDF
Task Instructions or Standard Operating Procedure PDF

How to add Task Instructions or Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) to a Task

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Task Instructions or Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are a feature of freshOps to allow you to Upload or Link to PDF Documents that detail how to complete a specific task.

Many Cleaning Tasks a self-explanatory.

However, Periodicals, Site-Specific Tasks or those where we use special equipment may need further instructions or details around how to complete that task.

When creating a task, either copy & paste an URL of a Web Hosted PDF or Upload a PDF from your computer.

Upload a PDF Instruction or Standard Operating Procedure

Click the Upload Button and select the PDF from your computer.

Once uploaded, it will appear as a link, which is the link to that document on the freshOps server.

If you are ever want to view the Document uploaded, then COPY and PASTE the URL within the field into another Browser Tab

The Document will be displayed in your browser.

Paste a Link to a PDF

In some cases, you may have your SOP or Instructions stored on your own PDF document storage solution. If it is cloud-based and provides a URL to Share and View the Document, then you can copy that URL of the PDF Document and paste it straight into freshOps.

When the cleaners click on View Instructions, we will display your PDF Document that lives on your Document Storage.

PLEASE NOTE: The PDF Documents Sharing Permissions should be set to "Anyone with a Link"

NOTE: The PDF must be no larger than 10mb

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