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freshTap Tags (NFC) Security
freshTap Tags (NFC) Security
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A common question that is asked of your clients is what are these NFC freshTap tags and how are they secure?

Here are a few answers to these common questions...

What Information is Stored on an freshTap Tag?

The information stored on a tag is simple or "dumb" data. There is a unique identifier with a URL, which is in no means related to your client's details and is used as a look up with freshOps' data. For example, one NFC tag might have:

Are these Tags secure?

As mentioned before, the tags do not store any sensitive data. Your allocated employee can only see specific information about a client's site when they are checked in to that specific job with the official freshOps Employee mobile application (I.E they can't go back and review site details of a site that they completed a week ago).

Can these tags be tampered or copied?

The supplied NFC tags are tamper-proof and rip (and subsequently destroy) when someone tries to remove the tag. While NFC tags can be copied with ease, freshOps's security can detect copied tags, and doesn't let employees (or anyone else) access the site's details from a illegitimate tag.

If there is further questions, comment below and we can get back to you ASAP!

~ James Eather

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