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How to get the Apps, Getting Started Checklist and Troubleshooting

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The freshOps Team App has been developed as a stand-alone application from the main freshOps WebApp for the sole use of Teams in the field for completing their work.

The freshOps Team is natively built for both iOS and Android devices.

Download the App

  1. Go to the App Store (iPhone) OR Play Store (Android) on your phone.

  2. Look up the Free 'freshOps Team' app ( freshops is all one word)

  3. Click 'Get' or 'Install'

You may need your Play Store or App Store Username and Password to download this free App.

  1. Once the app has been downloaded, click on 'Open'.

  2. The freshOps Login Page will then appear.

Usage Checklist:

  • WIFI is turned OFF

  • Mobile Data is ON

  • You have CREDIT on your Mobile Data Plan

  • You have Network Connectivity

  • NFC is turned ON (Android Devices)

  • Phones at times need to be restarted if NFC has been active for long periods of time

  • All App Permissions are Allowed/Enabled in the freshOps App, check your Application Settings on your device. You want to select While Using the App

  • IF you've mistakenly said NO/DENY to any app permissions, you can reactivate them by following the steps here Managing Permissions.

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