Check-Ins & Check-Outs
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Check-Ins & Check-Outs are what we refer to as the action of recording an Entry In and an Exit out of Site by an Employee inside either the freshOps Mobile Apps or Employee Portal. 

Our Plans refer to an Included amount of Check-Ins fixed for each plan. This could also be described as a per Time & Attendance Record. This ensures for smaller businesses, there is absolute certainty about their monthly cost.

Enterprise Users, however, access the real value of scalable pricing that is linked to a Check-In rather than a Head Count or Client Count like other systems. They have a fixed monthly fee plus a very low cost per Check-In.  The logic being, the only time you are making money is when are cleaner is walking in the front door about to start cleaning, so that when we charge

A Check-In is recorded on the way into the site, not in and out.

Charges only apply to:

  •  Time & Attendance Records that are made up of a Checkin & Out on the Mobile Apps. This represents 1 Check-In

  • Manually Completed Time & Attendance Records within the WebApp. This represents 1 Check-In

  • Time & Attendance Record completed by an Employee within the Employee Portal. This represents 1 Check-In

1 Check-In is 1 Time & Attendance Record.

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