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Getting Started
Using the 30 Day Trial effectively
Using the 30 Day Trial effectively
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So you've Signed up for a trial, but not sure what to do next. While some users are completely confident and competent with getting started with a trial, for others it's not so obvious how freshOps can help your business.

If you feel this is you, please book a Support Session and we can take you around freshOps and assist with some basic setup.

Our team love nothing more taking around freshOps.

Why is this such a valuable thing to do? 

From your point of view you get to ask questions and tell us how your business is setup, what your current problems are, what you are hoping to avoid in the future etc.

If your not yet at the point that you are after training and would rather get a Demonstration of how freshOps work, please book a Personal Demonstration here.

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