Add a New Client

Step by Step adding a New Client

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  1. Click on the freshOps Lime Cog in the top left from any screen to navigate you way back to the Homepage Dashboard

  2. Click New Client

  3. Complete the fields on this page. Client, Email and Address are *mandatory fields.

  4. freshOps addresses are Google maps powered. If possible, select from the Google listed address. Sometimes eve Google maps doesn't have a client full address stored, so you can edit the address fields as required.


You have a couple of choices when it comes to completing the addition of a New Client.

  1. You can DISCARD the New Client if you no longer need to Create New Client

  2. CREATE with the “Take Me To Create Visits” option marked will create your Client and take you to the next step in your setup where you can create a New Visit Schedule for your client

  3. Unmark the "Take Me to Create Visits" option and just create the client and return to the dashboard.

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