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Add, Revise or Remove a Travel Claim
Add, Revise or Remove a Travel Claim

If you need to make adjustment to Travel Claims, this article explains what you can do and how.

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Adding a Travel Claim

If an Employee has forgotten to add a Travel Claim you can manually do it for them, as long as they have completed a Shift at the site.

This then adds an additional Travel Claim Type below the actual completed shift.

Revise a Travel Claim

Whether the Employee created the Travel Claim on the freshOps Team App or you manually Added a Travel Claim you can revise the Travel Claim here as well.

Remove a Travel Claim

While on the Visit Detail Page, you can Remove a Travel Claim as well, at which point you'll be prompted to confirm.

Travel Claim Comments

You can also leave internal comments that display within our Payroll Xero Integration, so that Payroll Manager's are aware of any issues regarding the Claim.

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