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Managing Task Schedules
Regular Tasks vs Periodical Tasks
Regular Tasks vs Periodical Tasks

What's the difference within the Task Schedules

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When creating Task Schedules, task appear in 1 of 2 Tabs within the Site Page. Regular or Periodical.

Regular Tasks

Regular Tasks are those that are allocated to "ALL SCHEDULES" on "EVERY" "VISIT" of "EVERY WEEK, MONTH, YEAR or QUARTER".

Any other selection is considered Periodical

Periodical Tasks

If the tasks are scheduled on a specific Visit Schedule it's considered Periodical

On the First, Second, Third, Fourth or Last Visit, it's considered Periodical

On a specific day of the week, it's considered Periodical

Or This Month, This year, Next Month or Next Year only, it's considered Periodical

Periodical Tasks appear in the Periodical Tab and the specific scheduling is displayed above similarly Scheduled Tasks.

The separation of Regular and Periodical Tasks is a feature of the freshOps WebApp only.

The freshOps Teams App displays all tasks in the same Task List, unless the app users filter the Task List on their app.

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