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Getting Started & Logging into the freshOps Team App
Getting Started & Logging into the freshOps Team App

Welcome Email, Logging In, Credentials, Creating your New Pin and Completing your Profile

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Welcome Email

For most freshOps Team App users, you will firstly receive a Welcome Email similar to this email screenshot below, which is automatically sent to you, when you are added into the freshOps Application by your Employer/Supervisor.


freshOps ID

This is a unique ID (Identification Number) that is generated for the freshOps Team App User/Team Member when they are added into freshOps that securely identifies that person within the mobile application.

Temporary PIN

This is a temporary PIN (Personal Identification Number) that the freshOps Team App User/Team Member is required to enter upon the first login to the freshOps App.

Create New PIN

Upon logging in for the first time the You/freshOps Team App user/Team Member will be prompted to create a New PIN (Personal Identification Number).

We ask you to create a New PIN as the Temporary PIN is considered unsecure being on an email.

Once the New PIN has been created and then confirmed by entering it a second time, it is confirmed and will now be the permanent freshOps PIN.

Add Profile Photo

A Profile Photo is requested and is purely to be able to identify the user more easily within the freshOps Web Admin Application.

This photo is not shared, distributed outside of the Web App.

Users have a choice to skip this step, and their profile will appear in the freshOps WebApp, like above.

Once uploaded or skipped, the freshOps Team App User/Team Member is taken into the freshOps Team App.

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