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Invalid Login Credentials Error
Invalid Login Credentials Error

Incorrect Login Credentials Error Messages

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Welcome Email

When adding your Team to freshOps for the first time, freshOps send the team member a Welcome Email that includes their freshOps ID and a Temporary PIN.

New Personal Pin

Once the mobile app user downloads the app and logs in, they are prompted to create a NEW PERSONAL PIN. The temporary Pin is now no longer valid and should not be used.

Periods of Inactivity

For security purposes, if there has been no activity on the apps for more than 4 hours we end that mobile app users current session to prevent secure data being accessed by other users of the phone. When prompted, the mobile app user is required to re-enter their Personal Pin.

Device Biometrics

To make this easier for users, we've also enabled Device Biometrics as a way to unlock the session as well. This is determined by what device biometrics the users have currently set to unlock their Smartphone Device.

IF they unlock their Smartphone with a Personal Pin, freshOps will continue to prompt them to use the freshOps Personal Pin they created.

IF they unlock their Smartphone with their Fingerprint or FaceID, freshOps will prompt them to use those biometrics to unlock the session.

Updating Mobile App from Versions older than 2.0

When users updated from versions older than 2.0, they were logged out of all previous app sessions and required to log back in. Unfortunately, some users did not know their credentials, and could not log in to the new apps.

While WebApp Admins were able to Re-Send their Login Credentials to them, these were again, temporary PINS. The Existing Users, just like New Users were prompted to create New Personal Pins.

We did get reports, of Existing User then getting "Invalid Login Credentials Errors" after that first period of inactivity when their session expired. However, in 99% of cases, it was because the users continued to use their old PINS. Not the New Pins that were created by them.

If you believe this is the case for any of your users, please resend their Welcome Emails to them from within the WebApp, as this will then send them the New Personal Pin they created.

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