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Run a Client Site Report
Run a Client Site Report

How to run the Client Site report for overarching details on your service delivery

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Run the Client Site Report by navigating to the Reports Menu

Pick the client and period in which you want to report. You may run a Monthly Report or even a Quarterly Report. Select the start and end dates.

Client Summary

  • Number of visits scheduled across the period across all the clients sites

  • Number of successfully completed visits

  • Number of Visits that were not delivered (No Shows)

  • Percentage of tasks completed

  • Number of visits, where the cleaner commenced before the start time which leads into

  • Number of visits, where the cleaner start after the scheduled time/ were late.

  • Number of cleaners that were scheduled to visits across the period

  • Number of sites serviced

As you scroll on the report, the additional section are specific to the sites themselves.

Here you can see which Tasks haven't been completed and hopefully the comments that your team have left supporting why those tasks were not complete.

You can export the Report to PDF, if you need to share it with your team or report to a Client.

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