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Run a Timesheet Report
Run a Timesheet Report

How to run the timesheet report to view and access your cleaners Time & Attendance records all in one place ready for payroll.

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To get started with a timesheet report, visit the Reports Menu.

Run Timesheet Report

Adjust the parameters that you want to report on.

Parameters Include:

  • Date Range

  • By Default (All Employees/Team Members)

  • View specific team members

  • View Supervisors and/or the Team Members they Supervise

  • View by Site/s

  • View by Client/s

One you've run the report, clicking on each level expands in an accordian style to show you further detail.

If you'd then like to export this report, you can export it as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) File, which can be opened and viewed in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers for Mac etc.

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