Payroll Timesheet Filters

View just the info you need with Timesheet Filters

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While the timesheets may be pretty simple to view when you only have a few Employees, when you have 100's you may want to use the Timesheet Filters to view specific Timesheets.


Type to search for specific Supervisors and their Teams, Specific Employees, Sites, Clients Timesheets.

Unapproved Shifts & Timesheets

To help Streamline the Approval of lots of Shifts, you may want to filter by Unapproved Shifts or Timesheets. When you then Approve them, they approved timesheets will disappear from this filter.

Custom Filters

Display only certain Shift types using the Custom Types;

  • Shifts

  • Breaks Only

  • Travel Claims Only

  • Leave Claims Only

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