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What does the Xero Payroll Integration do?
What does the Xero Payroll Integration do?

It saves you $1000's in accuracy and hours in processing payroll

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freshOps and Xero have come together to deliver the Cleaning Industry's most accurate Time and Attendance records directly in Xero.

The freshOps Payroll tool allows you to simply push all the shifts in your team's timesheets straight into Xero timesheets.

Tracking Options

While other tools, collect a days shifts together, freshOps keeps them separated for each site your team attends. This means we can also leverage the Tracking Categories and Options in Xero to allow you to map freshOps Sites to their won Xero Tracking Options.

Why is this such a neat feature?

In Xero you can now run a Profit & Loss using the Tracking Options. So if you use these same Tracking Options when invoicing a Customer we'll use the same tracking options when passing the Timesheets through, so you can then run a Profit & Loss for each site you service.

Pay Rules

The freshOps Pay Rules allow you to create rules that insure you stay compliant with the award and pay conditions along with any penalty rates for working at night or weekends for example. 

These rules can interpret the time of day and/or day of the week the shift was scheduled to be performed and automatically select the correct Pay Item in Xero, to ensure your team get paid the correct hours and rates.

This takes all the guess work and manual process of collecting timesheets and processing payroll.

In-Built Flexibility

You can also choose whether to pay your Employees based on their Actual Hours or their Scheduled Hours. Override functions, mean you can also override these setting for specific shifts or Override the pay rules of specific shifts.

Example 1 : 

Your setup to pay your team the Actual hours, but you have to sent a team member to a job, and promised them 3 hours for the job as an incentive regardless on how long it actually take. Simply override the preferences for that shift.

Example 2 : 

Likewise, an Employee's car breaks down and they cant do a Friday night clean. The job needs rescheduling for Saturday, but it is agreed that the cleaner will only be paid Friday rates. When the pay rule determines the shift should be paid as a Saturday rate, you can override it and apply the Friday rate instead.


The Xero integration is part of freshOps's commitment to streamline the Scheduling & Rostering, Time & Attendance and Timesheet Collection & Payroll processing of Cleaning Companies.

With staff working across multiple sites 24/7, the time taken to pay staff is incredible. This integration means that everything id digitally handled from initial scheduling and rostering through to paying your staff in the bank.

Turning what could take hours or even days into less than an hours work for most small to medium businesses with greater transparency and accuracy.

So ditch the manual rostering, timesheet collection and analyses in Excel and start focusing on growing your business, not running payroll.

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