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How to export all your Timesheets across to Xero once they are all approved and ready for Payroll.

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The Export to Xero Button can be found in bottom right of the Timesheets.

Select it when you are ready to Export to Xero will open this dialogue page.


Review Timesheets CSV

If there are No Issues displayed like above, we suggest you Review the Timesheet CSV before exporting to check that all the Pay Rules and Tracking Options have been applied and mapped correctly. ย This may only be required in the first couple of weeks as a double check of your freshOps setup.

This simply exports all the data we will send to Xero into a CSV File which you can opened in Microsoft Excel. For some users, simply opening the file may automatically open it in Excel perfectly formatted, for other users if the file doesn't open in Excel, check out this Microsoft article on how to import a CSV file into Excel.

If you have any issues, please contact freshOps support or search online for opening CSV files.

Export to Xero

If all looks good proceed with Exporting to Xero


Now head across to your Xero Account and you'll find all the Timesheets populated within Xero in Draft Status.

Along with the Correct Earning rate for each Shift and the Tracking Options all matched to your freshOps Sites.

For help from here on, please visit the Xero Helpcentre on How to Approve Timesheets and Process your payruns.

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