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Shift Comments in Payroll

How to view and interact with Shift Comments within freshOps Payroll

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When your Managers/Supervisors are approving shifts each day, it's important that you can get feedback from them if a Team Member Time & Attendance for that shift is grossly over hours or under hours.

When a Comment is left however, you'll be able to see the comments when approving shifts for Payroll.

At the end of each Shift Row, IF a comment has been left, you'll see the Comment icon pictured below.

Hover your mouse of the Icon to view the comment. 

Long comments may be truncated, however click the Show More Button to view the full comment.

You can currently leave a Reply Comment as the Admin also, however, with some upcoming updates, we'll record who left each comment and it's reply

You then have a range of options from Reply, Edit to Delete.

Replying to the comment maybe a nice way to keep track that the extra time etc has been invoiced, approved by management etc.

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