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Overriding Preferences

How to override a Timesheet Preference for a shift.

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When you set your preferences in freshOps Payroll, you decide whether you want to pay your team the Actual Hours worked by default or the Scheduled Hours.

Depending on your choice, you may at times want  to override this preference on an employees specific shift.

Using the Action Button, as you can see in this example, you have the choice to override the actual hours with the scheduled hours by clicking the

To override the Timesheet Preference, click "Pay this Shift by Scheduled Hours instead".

The preference will then change to say "Pay Scheduled Hours"

To UNDO this action, simple click the "Undo"

The opposite process occurs if you preferences are set to pay staff by the scheduled hours. You can do the same to override the preference and pay them the actual hours on a shift.

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