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Some Xero Settings to have in place before connecting to freshOps

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Before connecting freshOps to Xero, we need to ensure you have some setting in place in Xero from a Timesheet perspective.

Firstly: Provision/Activate Xero Payroll

If you are NEW to Xero, please make sure you Click on the Payroll Menu to provision/activate Payroll for Xero.

2: Tracking Categories and Options 


While it's not mandatory, freshOps Site Tracking means we can seperate all the Sites that your team service and map them to Xero Tracking Options. To learn more visit Setup Tracking Categories in Xero. If you have them already, we will need to use one of the Tracking Categories for all your Sites you service. If you have these in place, the freshOps Payroll Wizard will help you map these in the Setup Site Tracking.

If you don't have Tracking Categories setup, freshOps can also help you create the Tracking Categories and Options right within the freshOps Payroll Wizard.

3. Timesheet Categories


If and once you've completed the above, navigate to Xero Settings>Payroll Preferences>Timesheet Categories and select the Xero Tracking Category that you've created that represents all your Sites.

4. Employee Settings

Employees must have the following as part of the Employment Settings in their Employee File.

  • Start date

  • Payroll Calendar

  • Ordinary Earnings Rate

5. Pay Templates

Employees must have all the applicable Pay Items added to their Pay Templates.

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