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How to create Payrule Groups and Payrules for Xero

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Here you can create lists of Payrules that match the Award you are using, these are then applied to your Team members shifts when exporting to Xero. Payrules can be matched to already created Pay Item from Xero to ensure that your Employees are paid the correct amounts. 

Payrule Groups 

Payrule groups are a list of Payrules, these groups also have Employees assigned to them. For example you could have a group that is for your part-time Employees and then another group for your full-time Employees


To create a new Payrule Group click the green + button on the Groups column 

This will bring up a new card where you can enter the Payrule Group's details.

If you are happy with the Group details just click the green save button or if you want to cancel just click the red X action button and it will discard your new group.


If you need to make changes to an already existing Payrule Group, click on the orange edit action button on the Group's card.

This will expand the group and allow you to edit it's name, description or even set it to the default Payrule Group.


To delete a Payrule Group just click on the red delete action button on the Group's card, and then confirm the deletion by clicking the green confirm action button or cancel it by clicking the red cancel action button.

Adding Employees to groups 

By default all new employees will be assigned to your default Payrule Group, if you need to change which employee is where click on the blue organise action button.

This will bring up a modal that will allow you to organise your Employees within the groups.

Then select the groups you with to organise and start dragging and dropping the employees between them.


Using the default payrule set.

If you want to use the default Payrule set that follows the "Cleaning Service Award" first click orange action button.

This will bring up a modal that gives you an overview of what Payrules that will be created, and allow you to select what group to add them to.

Once you press create the Payrules will be created and added to your selected Payrule Group.

Adding existing payrules to group 

To add Payrules to an existing Payrule Group first select the group you want to add them to from the Group column and then click the blue action button on the Payrules column.

This will bring up a modal that will allow you to search and select your pre-existing Payrules.

Once you are happy with your selection, click the update button and the Payrules will be added to your selected Payrule Group.

Note: If your Payrule Group doesn't cover all situations a warning will appear to let you know what Payrules are missing. 

Payrule Details

In the Details column you are able to view, create, edit and delete individual Payrules.


To view an existing Payrule just select the Payrule from the Payrules column by clicking on its card. This will populate the details column with its information, from here you can choose to edit or delete the Payrule by using the action buttons on the Details column.


To create a new Payrule click the green plus action button on the Payrules column, this will clear the Details column and allow you to create a new Payrule. If you have a selected Payrule Group it will prefill that as selected group.

Payrules require: 

  • Name - A descriptive name about what the Payrule covers e.g. "Saturday Overtime" 

  • Type - What kind of Payrule it is. Is it based on the Time of Day or Overtime, etc. 

  • Time - When this Payrule should be active, this is only required on Time of Day type Payrules. 

  • Overtime Duration - When an overtime type is selected it requires a duration. E.g. an overtime rule will be applied to shifts after 7.6 hours each day.

  • Days - What days should this Payrule be active on, this is only required on Time of Day and Overtime types.

  • Priority -  Payrules may conflict by giving them a priority it prevents this from occurring and will ensure that the right rule is matched to this shift. 

Payrules can also have: 

  • Extend Rule - For Time of Day Payrules you can choose to extend their duration by either: The start of first shift or until end of last shift. 

  • Pay Item - These are the items from Xero that refer to how much someone is entitled to be paid, by linking a Payrule to a Pay item it ensures that your Employees are paid the correct amount. 


If you wish to edit an existing Payrule first select it from the Payrule column by clicking on its card and then clicking on the blue edit action button on the Details column. 

Once you have clicked it will unlock the details and allow you to change the Payrule as you please. 

After you have made your changes click the blue save action button or if you wish to discard your changes click the red cancel action button. 


You can delete a Payrule by first selecting it in the Payrules column by clicking on its card, then click on the red delete action button to open the deletion confirm modal .

Once you press the "Delete Payrule" button the Payrule will be deleted and removed from any Payrule Groups it was in. 

Note: Deleting Payrules may cause some of your Payrule Groups to not cover every situation.

Next Steps

Once you are happy with all of the Payrule Groups and Payrules you have created you can move on to the final step which is confirming all of the details of your Integration setup.

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