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Setting up Xero Team Member Connections
Setting up Xero Team Member Connections

How to connect freshOps Employees to Xero Team Members

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This is the second step of integrating Xero into freshOps where you setup the connections between freshOps Employees and Xero Employees.

freshOps Employees 

This column displays all of your freshOps Employees(Team Members) that have an Employment Status assigned to them, this also handles creating new employees, assigning employment statuses and exporting employees to Xero.

Creating new Employees

If you are new to freshOps or just need to create a new employee you can do it right here in the Payroll Guide, by clicking the "CREATE TEAM MEMBER" button.

This will open a modal that will allow you to create a new employee which you can then use to setup connections or even export to Xero. 

Note: Although it is optional to set the employee's employment status in the creation modal it is required for it to be set before you can use the employee in freshOps Payroll. 

Assigning Employment Status 

If you already have employees in freshOps they may not have an employment status set yet, to do this click the "ASSIGN EMPLOYMENT STATUSES".

This can be done inside Xero Payroll if it is activated.


If you haven't activated Xero Payroll yet, but plan to, you can still assign Employment Status within the Employee Menu in preparation of the activation of Payroll.

This will bring up a modal that will allow you to assign statuses to your employees

In here you can either assign an employee to a Contracted Status or an Employed Status by first selecting the employee you want to assign by clicking on their card:

Then you can click either the blue arrow to assign them to a contractor status or the orange arrow to assign them to an employed status. To un-assign an employee simply just click on the "X" icon on the far right of their card and this will place them back in the Unassigned column to be reassigned.

Exporting Employee to Xero

You can export your freshOps employees to Xero by first selecting an employee by clicking on their card and then clicking export button that is on the far right of the freshOps Employees Column.

This will bring up the export modal that will allow you to confirm their details before exporting them to Xero.

Before you are able to export to Xero you will have to supply a date of birth(D.O.B) for the employee. 

Once you have confirmed their details and supplied a date of birth and are ready to export to Xero just click the green "Export" button on the bottom right of the modal.

Xero Employees

This column displays all of your active Xero Employees, from here you can choose which employees that you want to import into freshOps. 

Import Xero Employee to freshOps

To import a Xero employee into freshOps select the Xero employee that you want to import into freshOps and then click the green "Import" button on the far right of the Xero Employee's column. 

Your new freshOps employee will then appear in the freshOps employee column with all of the details they have in Xero.  

Pairing/Unpairing Connections

A connection is a way of mapping a freshOps employee record to a Xero employee record to allow you to export an employee's hours into a Xero timesheet.


To setup the connection between freshOps and Xero employees you have to first select a freshOps employee and then select a Xero employee.

After you have made your selections click the blue "Pair" button.


To remove a connection between a freshOps employee and a Xero employee you have to first select the connection from the connection column on the far right: 

and then you can click the orange "Unpair" button to remove the connection. 

Auto Pair

If you freshOps employees and Xero employees have similar names, you can Auto pair your connections. 

Auto pairing tries to match the employee names together based on their email address in both systems and then their names in both system, and then sets the connections based on the results. 

For example if you had an employee named Danny both in freshOps and Xero, it would auto pair them and create the connection for you. Another example is if you had an employee named Dan in freshOps and he was named Danny in Xero you can still auto pair this connection. 

Next steps 

Once you are done setting up connections we recommend double checking that your connections are correct, by simply clicking the "info" icon which open a window to show you all the details about those connections.

Wrong connections might cause timesheets to contain incorrect data when exporting to Xero. Once you are happy with the connections you can continue to move along to the next step in the Payroll guide, which is setting up Site Connections.


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