Setting up Xero preferences

How to setup your Xero Integration preferences

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This is the first step of integrating Xero into freshOps in the Payroll guide.

Integration Information 

This gives you an overview of your Payroll integration, information such as current status of it, what payroll software you are integrated with and the details about the Integration, in this case the name of the company. In this section you can also choose to disconnect your Xero Integration allowing you to reconnect or even choose another payroll software to integrate with.

Payroll Calendar

This is the payroll calendar you use in Xero. Select the Calendar that you use in Xero to pay your team.

Pay Period End Day 

This is the day that you want your Pay Period to end on. This is the day that is used when calculating the end date of a timesheet.

Pay Frequency

This is how often you want a pay period to occur. 

Note about Pay Periods:

Pay periods are inclusive, so if you have a pay period that ends on a Wednesday the next pay period would start on the Thursday.

Pay by Scheduled Hours Vs Paying by Actual Hours

If you pay your employees based off there scheduled hours and not there actual claimed hours ensure that you have this option checked, otherwise the timesheets will be calculated based off their actual claimed hours. 

Note: You can override this on individual shifts when it comes to approving the timesheet prior to the Xero Export. 

Example: Team Member is scheduled to be paid the actual hours and goes over the hours scheduled without authorisation, you may want to pay them by scheduled hours instead.

Next Steps

After you have set all of these settings you can either move onto the next step of the Payroll Guide.  Team Members where you will set up team member connections between freshOps and Xero or you can choose to save your progress and exit the guide to come back later.

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