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Create Sick &/or Leave Request from Employee File
Create Sick &/or Leave Request from Employee File
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  1. Simple navigate to the Employee's File

2. Click ADD LEAVE then enter the Details required. If the Employee is taking Personal Leave, select Personal Leave and then the date range. If they are off just today the Start Date & End Date will be the same.

3. There is an Approval Step, for a Sick Day, you are more likely to Pre-Approve the Leave. For Annual Leave, you may submit the Leave but not Approve it straight away, as you may have to Check with the management team first before Approving it.

4. Once you've added the leave return to the freshOps Dashboard and Click on Unapproved Leaves of Absences.

5. You can click on the Allocate Employee Icon to replace the Employee on Leave with their replacement, if their replacement is takin over ALL their Shifts/Sites.


5. However, if the Employee on Leave's shifts/sites need to be done by multiple replacements, click the dropdown arrow.

6. Now you'll see all the different Sites the Employee Services today, and re-allocate them to different Replacement Staff.

Once you've done that whether it is for a Personal Leave Day or Annual Leave over multiple weeks, you've added replacement for that period only and when the Employee Returns from Leave their upcoming shifts are unchanged.

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