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How to quickly view the Task Completion Statuses of a Task at a Site

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It's not uncommon for a Client to call and ask:

"I just wanted to know how often the Paper Shredder Bin is emptied and when it was emptied last, it's over flowing and don't think they are doing it" 

or something similar. SOUND FAMILIAR

For most businesses, it's a case of diving into the contract to look at the schedule which is buried on your contract folders and advising the client you'll follow it up, then call the cleaner to ask him when he did it last, he's asleep, he calls back in the afternoon, and says no I empty it every Monday, which you respond, can you please make sure it's done each week as the client thinks it is not being done.

With freshOps it's as simple as this.

  1. Simply navigate to the Site Page

  2. Under the Task Schedules, Click on the yellow Task History Button

3. freshOps will show you when the task was completed or not completed in the past and will show you when the task is due next.
4. If the Task required a Photo Verification, you can simple toggle through all the past Photo Verifications as well.

This is a much smoother conversation with your Client.

"Let me check freshOps. Yes, I can see here cleaner x has emptied it along with a Photo Verification last Monday the 19th of November at 7:25pm. It's scheduled each week on a Monday so is due again this Monday. Can I suggest we update the schedule to have it emptied more often."

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